Viome: Redefining Gut Health and Making Disease a Thing of the Past


Imagine living in a world where illness is optional

A new company (ten years in the making) called Viome aims to make that a reality by optimizing your gut health.

Viome sends you a “Home Gut Kit” to collect a stool sample. You send that back and get personalized actionable insights based on your gut health so you can start feeling better from the inside out.

They basically analyze the bacteria in your gut and recommend foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Viome founder Naveen Jain says that we’re more of an expression of the bacteria inside of us that we are of our own DNA. That we are really only about 1% human!

If all of this seems to be a bit futuristic or maybe even too good to be true, go to and read the science behind it. I’d also recommend reading reviews on credible sites like

There’s a lot of controversy around Viome, BUT it sounds like a HUGE leap forward. I can only imagine how game-changing this will be once they address all of the concerns.

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– Dr. Dan Engle

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