A Mindblowing Stat About New Year’s Resolutions





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Tell me if this sounds like you.


You enter the New Year planning on big improvements!


This will be the year your willpower pushes your fitness, your diet, or your career to their highest level ever!


But what happens for most of us? Life happens. Our responsibilities exhaust us too much to make it to the gym. The temptation of a drive-thru wins out over careful grocery shopping. Etc. Etc.


It isn’t just you. It’s most of us. Did you know a study from the University Of Scranton shows that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolution?*


If you’re in the 8%, this email may not be needed. If you’re in the other 92%, listen up.


Willpower isn’t magic. It’s a product of your brain health. It’s what happens when consistent focus, positive mood, high mental energy, and clear-headed decisions all occur for you at the same time, day in and day out.


Expecting to achieve hard goals without that type of brain health is wishful thinking.


So for the 92% of us that fall short, I’m about to give you a new tool that actually does something real for willpower, and if you act now, it should arrive just about the time your “92% mindset” could use some assistance.


It’s called Qualia Focus, and it is a science-backed 24 ingredient product that nourishes your brain so comprehensively that most people feel the difference the first day they take it.


Focus, clarity, lasting mental energy, elevated mood, emotional resilience. All the key factors to joining the 8% mindset that actually makes “New Year, New You” mean something.


The makers of Qualia Focus are taking away the excuses of the 92%. Listen to this offer:

  • 100 Day, 100% money back guarantee on your order. Zero financial risk.
  • If you choose the cancel-anytime subscription option, the 1st month supply of Qualia Focus is 50% off, less than $35 dollars for a month supply of a fully refundable product. ​
  • They even offer new customers access to Cambridge Brain Sciences cognitive testing tools, so you can test the changes Qualia Focus is making to your mental sharpness in real time!


This is all upside, no downside. Don’t let your first mistake of 2019 be entering it with last year’s brain. Nutrition for healthier mental performance can amplify your success in life, but not if you read this email and do nothing.


Start your path towards getting in the 8% for 2019 by clicking right here for the most affordable introduction to Qualia Focus you’ll find anywhere, and to make the choice even easier, enter coupon code EXPLORE  at checkout and get an additional 15% off the cost of your first month of product.


Science-backed brain nutrition has come ridiculously far in the last few years. You need to experience this.


In a few days, a bottle will arrive at your door that can prime your mindset for 2019 in a way that will make you wonder what took you so long to discover what valuing your brain health can do for your life.


New Year, New You. Make it actually happen this year with Qualia Focus.

*more on the University of Scranton study here

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