Relieve and Prevent Back Pain with Daily Stretching That Anyone Can Do in Just a Few Minutes


You know the feeling.

One minute you’re feeling fine, and then, with a simple bend or twist, you’re in pain. It’s your lower back again.

It’s often some of the worst, debilitating, annoying, and long-lasting physical pain we experience.

I guarantee you that everyone will experience low back pain several times throughout life, but you don’t have to just accept it as par for the course.

There are some simple stretches you can do in just a few minutes each day to relieve the pain and condition yourself for less low back pain in the future.

This is the magic of the ELDOA Method – a form of deep fascial stretching that elongates the space between the discs of the low back and decompresses the spine – using nothing but your own body weight and a few simple stretches.

The guys at Mind Pump Media have a great video series on the ELDOA Method that will help you get started.

Remember that just because you feel pain in a certain spot doesn’t mean that the root cause is in the same area. Tightness in your calves, hamstrings, and hips can and often do contribute to low back pain.

Take a few minutes throughout the day to show your body some love, and you’ll feel better more often.

Of course, you should always consult a professional health practitioner to diagnose and treat any health issues you might have.

Although, I’d encourage you to seek someone who will take a holistic view, try to find the root cause, and help you heal yourself naturally instead of just treating the symptoms with medication and temporary fixes.

Check out and for more information and to find ELDOA seminars near you. You could also do a google search for “Eldoa practitioners near me”.

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