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Behind the Podcast: Jason Nemer on The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss joins Jason Nemer, co-founder of AcroYoga, to show some poses and to talk about health, meditation, acrobatics, yoga, and the importance of discovery.

AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage and the dynamic power of acrobatics.

The Bulletproof Life

Reduce Stress, Eat Well + Lose Weight.

Learn to lose weight, increase your IQ, and focus your mind with the revolutionary Bulletproof system.

38 video lessons and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fat Burning Tips with Abel James

Learn how to burn fat from the one they call "The Fat-Burning Man".

No more spending hours in the gym or bouncing from diet to diet.

It's time to get the body you want.

Maintain Your Body for Long Lasting Health & Mobility with Kelly Starrett, Jill Miller

The ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance. Kelly will give you all the tools you need to perfect your movement and ensure long-lasting health and mobility, unlocking reservoirs of athletic capacity you didn’t even know you had.

Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners

New to Yoga? Did you know that it can actually make you strong?

True story.

This class is packed full with 32 video lessons designed to get you strong and improve your mobility, all on demand, through CreativeLive.

Full Body Strength

Push yourself with this combination of yoga, calisthenics and circuit training.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build full-body strength
  • Increase your endurance, body control, stamina and more
  • Improve your power and stability
  • Challenge yourself with drills to develop muscle endurance
  • Enhance your yoga practice

Lose Weight Without Dieting

If you’re ready to leave restrictive meal plans and fad diets behind, this course will give you the mindset and tools you need to upgrade your habits and live a healthier life.

Strength Training

Join Diane Fu for an hour long circuit training-like workout.

These workouts will involve alternating strength training exercises with aerobic activities to give you two workouts in one.

Each day will combine intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to make you sweat and feeling stronger!

Body Strong

Are you looking for an intensive yoga experience that will help you dramatically strengthen and tone your entire body? Then BodyStrong is for you.

This month-long course is filled with effective exercises, challenging movements, and lots of tips and techniques that will activate your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin.

The Minimalist Muscle Blitz Online Course by Eric Bach

The Minimalist Muscle Blitz is going to transform your life (and physique) by grinding against the grain of all the muscle-building advice you’ve ever read, heard, or had whispered in your ear.

What you'll get:

Training Program

Nutrition Blueprint

Private Community

Meal Plans

High-Performance Travel Guide

Progress Tracker

Exercise Modification Guide

Go For Your Win

As a child you had a dream...you had a win. You wanted to be an astronaut, a professional athlete, a doctor.

But, one day someone introduced you to reality and taught you to stop dreaming…and so you did.

Yet still, from time to time, deep inside of you is a gnawing, aching, yearning desire to dream—to chase after your win.

In this course you will learn not only to dream again…but to the strategy and skills needed to realize those dreams.

Restore & Rejuvenate

Before you can truly tap into your creativity, you need to clear your mind of all the noise and chatter of the surrounding world.

This restorative yoga sequence helps you reach a level of calm, quiet and introspection so you can free yourself from the daily grind and explore the deepest parts of your psyche.

The Conscious Cleanse

The mission of the Conscious Cleanse is to provide simple ways to help you flourish in your own body so you can access true healing. Jules and Jo will call forth your vibrant self so that you can live your best life!

Achieve Ulitimate Human Performance

Discover the tools, strategies, and systems you need to look, feel, and perform at your peak physical and mental capacity, without spending your entire day exercising or dieting.

Strength and Mobility Training

Learn How to Increase Your Flexibility, Core Strength, Posture, and Range of Motion with Exercises and Movement Flows. This short class includes 31 minutes of on-demand video, 7 articles, and Full Lifetime access.

Morning Yoga Kickstart

Start your day with a short, 15-minute daily yoga routine.

Feel energized, mentally refreshed, calm and focused.

Dig deeper into your unconscious mind.

Become stronger, more flexible and toned.

9 video lessons and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Want to lose weight without starving yourself or logging endless monotonous miles on the treadmill?

Join CreativeLive instructor Jonathan Bailor for a workshop on how to slim down by eating more, exercising less, and listening to your body’s needs.

Meditation for Everyday Life

Join Buddhist teacher David Nichtern for an introduction to meditation. David will show you how meditating for just 15-30 minutes a day will clarify your mind and decrease your stress levels.

Easy Exercises to Improve Your Vision

If you find yourself squinting at your computer monitor, frequently updating your glasses prescription, or suffering from headaches, this course will help you improve your vision by retraining your brain to better communicate with your eyes.

PLAN STRONG™ Custom Designed Strength Plan

Get strong with the most powerful and sophisticated system in history—the method behind the Soviet weightlifting records.

Highly reliable strength gains. Remarkably enjoyable and safe training.

The Go Primal Kickstart Program

The GPK (Go Primal Kickstart) is a 28-day interactive, online introduction to the Go Primal Lifestyle.

The goal is to empower you to make better individual health choices. Do you want to lose that bloated feeling, optimize digestion, boost energy, and get back on track? YES? Then, the Kickstart is the right program for you.

Are you burned out, overwhelmed, or just not as happy as you'd like to be?

This class will show you what to do about it.

I'm not talking about your typical vague advice either. You'll get 14 in-depth video lessons (including bonus content) with easy to follow methods based on real science.

Bandana Training Xtreme

BTX is an immediately downloadable training experience.

We set out to design a scienticially-backed program that would train a wide variety of qualities (endurance, speed, hypertrophy, strength, and power) in an organized fashion.

It’s a blueprint for the complete strength and energy system continuum.

It’s highly organized and meticulously researched.

It’s tough as balls.


Thrive with Gut Mobility is a collaboration of movement and nutrition, and was created to help educate people on the idea that you can’t heal nutrition without movement and you can’t heal movement without addressing nutrition.

This course is for anyone looking to enhance their fitness, heal from injury/pain and/or want the most out of their nutrition.

Back To The Barbell With Dr. Danny Matta

Get strength back in the right places, get mobility back in the right places and improve your movements over the course of 6 weeks.
No guessing or wondering if you're doing the right thing. Use a tested and proven training program to regain back health and resiliency.

Self Love Mastery - 16 week online course

If you're tired of obsessing over your weight, food choices & the way you look, but haven't figured out to stop the exhausting pattern of negative self talk & dieting, the Self Love Mastery online course is your ticket to a new experience around food & your body.

Forks Over Knives Culinary Cooking Course

Introducing the Forks Over Knives online cooking course, designed to help you learn new techniques, flavors, and styles to live your very best life.

You will earn 30 CEHs from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation upon successful completion of this course.

The Healthy Knee Plan By Dr. Danny Matta

The goal of the Healthy Knee Plan is to build rock solid strength and mobility in the knees.

By optimizing the movement and strength of the entire leg, we can eliminate pain, break long lasting plateaus and continue taking part in the activities we love to do outside the gym as well.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Health Course For Men

If you or a man you know has symptoms of sexual dysfunction, core strength issues, or even pelvic pain, this course could be the missing link to performance improvement.

Even if you don’t have dysfunction, the same techniques addressed in this course can be used to improve performance. Yes, men have pelvic floor muscles too, and they can be trained!

Pelvic Health Course For Women

This course is for any woman but may be particularly helpful for athletic women, trainers, coaches and medical personnel who work with women.

If you, or a woman you know, races to the rest room every 30 minutes, leaks when she laughs, jumps, sneezes, coughs, or runs, or experiences pelvic pain, this course could be the missing link to her improved performance.

The EM FIT Challenge

This Challenge is a 21 day informational challenge to improve your health, fitness, & habits.

Topics will include: Macronutrient Guidance, Gut Health, Adrenal Health, Stubborn Weight Loss, Hormone Health, Skin Health, Mobility, Supplement Dos and Don'ts, and SO MUCH MORE.

Omega Body BluePrint


Specifically Designed To Remove Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds, Destroy Fat On Your Trouble Spots, and Build Lean, Dense Muscle In Just Six Short Weeks.

Nerd Fitness Rings And Handstands Superpack

The fun, easy-to-follow bodyweight training system that will show you how to gain complete control over your body, look like a gymnast and perform like a Jedi -- in your home or at the gym.