Motivation Monday: You’re Either 100% Committed or You’re Not


We all have goals. Things we want to do. Things we want to achieve.

Aspiring to be better and do better is great, but are you committed to your goal?

I mean, are you 100% committed? Because, if you are, then you’ve made a decision. You’ve cut off all other options and decided that there is only one outcome, and you will do what ever it takes. You don’t have to think about it. There is no other alternative.

Not being 100% committed doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you haven’t really made up your mind that you want something.

Maybe there’s some psychological, deep-routed feeling around what achieving this goal really means to you. If you succeed, maybe, deep down, you think your family and friends will think of you differently. Maybe they’ll expect more from you or look down on you for doing so well. Maybe it will create some distance between those you love and you won’t be as close as you were before.

So, be honest with yourself. You’re either 100% committed or you’re not.

If you’re not, it’s ok. Take some time and think about why you’re not fully committed. Once you’ve dealt with whatever’s going on in your head, whatever’s holding you back, make a choice and decide that you will succeed NO MATTER WHAT!


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