Mirror: The World’s First Nearly Invisible, Interactive Home Gym That Brings Live and On-Demand Fitness Classes Right to Your Home


Save time and money with live and on-demand fitness classes with Mirror interactive home gym.

You know you’re already spending time in front of the mirror, admiring your progress or wishing those love handles would disappear.

I’d even bet that you workout in front of a mirror in the gym from time to time.

Now you can do it in the privacy of your home. No more wondering if people are staring or judging what you’re doing.

Mirror is giving you the ability to get real-time instruction and motivation from expert instructors without leaving the house.

You can either compete with other members by comparing stats or compete with yourself.


Sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (complimentary with purchase) or Apple Watch to enable competition mode. The Mirror algorithm tracks your ability to achieve, maintain and recover from target heart rate zones. Mirror also uses this data to further personalize your workouts based on your ability, goals, and preferences.

What about the music, you ask? Mirror’s got you covered – bluetooth connection and embedded speakers. Like to sweat to some classical or 90s hip hop? No judgement here. You do you.

Now’s your chance to mix up your workout routine too.

Never tried Pilates? Too embarrassed to go to a Yoga class? No more excuses.

Choose from cardio, strength, yoga, barre, Pilates, boxing, HIIT and more.

You can stream over 50 live classes a week or pick from a HUGE library of on-demand classes.

Ready to get started? Head over to www.mirror.co to learn more.

Sample class:



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