Lucy Nicotine Gum for Mental Performance

Lucy Nicotine Gum

Lucy Is the “Healthy” Nicotine Gum Many Are Using as a Cognitive Stimulant

Not all nicotine is created equally. Some might actually be good for you. It is addictive, however. So you’ll need to practice restraint and use with caution.

If you like to consume a variety of stimulants, you may want to consider the benefits of nicotine. As a matter of fact, you can click here to read the top 28 benefits of nicotine (and side effects to be aware of).

The problem with most nicotine gum and sprays are that they’re full of artificial sweeteners and chemical fillers. But then you have¬†Lucy gum: a new formulation of nicotine gum which is an improvement on the texture and taste of existing options like Nicorette.

Lucy flavor chemists developed three signature flavors with very low amounts of artificial nasties – flavors that taste amazing and cover up the harshness of nicotine. Use code: BEN10, and that will give you $10 off a subscription at!

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