About Explore Your Fitness

Welcome to Explore Your Fitness!  I’m your host, Jason Blevins. Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to come back weekly or subscribe to the show. This is going to be an adventure that I don’t want you to miss out on!

Explore Your Fitness was created to support and grow the Colorado fitness community. My goal with the podcast is to give this community a mic, a way to reach out to and inspire more people.

You’ll hear stories and advice from Colorado’s top fitness experts.  And hopefully you’ll be challenged and motivated to try something new and discover a better version of yourself.

My hope is that you will stay committed to your fitness goals but be flexible in your approach to achieving them.  Explore what different styles of training can do to bring you closer to your goals.  You have to find something that excites you, something that you’ll be consistent with. There are so many options, here in Colorado, when it comes to where to train, how to train, and who to train with. For most of us, the training inside the gym is helping us achieve our goals outside the gym.

I want to bring you closer to the people who are changing lives here in Colorado, the gym owners, trainers, coaches, and teachers who have a passion for fitness, a passion for helping you live life to the fullest. I want this podcast to be different than the usual fitness do’s and don’ts.  Every fitness journey starts with the mindset and motivation to achieve your goals.  Most of us know what to do, but don’t always do what we know.  It’s about taking consistent action, and that takes motivation.


About me and my better half

If you want to hear a couple of personal stories about me and where my fitness journey began, listen to episode one.  But here’s a brief rundown: I grew up in Oklahoma, started playing football in the fifth grade and continued until I graduated high school.  I’ve had a love for fitness and working out for a long time, but struggled with an unhealthy lifestyle and self-destructive habits. Oklahoma’s where I met the love of my life, my wife, Heather.  In 2010, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It was a very difficult time, to say the least, but she survived.  She persevered and somehow stayed positive through it all and I love her for that.  She’s my hero and my inspiration.  Unfortunately, it sometimes takes an event like this to remind us of our mortality and how precious our time is. She’s been cancer-free for four years now, but the whole experience has made us both much more aware of our health and what we can do to improve it. Heather and I moved to Colorado a little over two years ago, and are loving it more and more every day!

Now that you know what Explore Your Fitness is about and who I am, I hope that you’ll be a part of this adventure, this opportunity to help Colorado with fitness and health. Everyone has a gift to share and a story to tell.  If you know someone here in Colorado who is making a difference in people’s lives with fitness, help me get them on the show to share their story.  I also encourage you to subscribe to the show and leave a rating and review so that I can get better at this and make Explore Your Fitness a resource that you can depend on. Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Jason Blevins